So, when is the best time to hang your treestands? This is such a common question, but one that stirs up a lot of opinions! In reality, I suppose it all comes down to preference and situation. Some of us are lucky enough to have great locations where we can just keep our stands up all year long. And, for the most part, I am one of those lucky people. Yet, there are spots that I do have to go into and hang stands every year, or maybe I just want to move a stand from one location to another. So, in that case, when do I like to hang stands?

Well, I prefer to put my stands up in July or August. I believe the earlier the better! Putting up stands requires a lot of work. You cannot put up your stands without disturbing the area or making a lot of noise, so it only makes sense to me to put them out preseason. Plus, deer will notice every change you make to their area; by getting in early you give them time to adjust to these changes.11225074_10204511403370301_1391199707569770991_n

Yet, this is only my opinion or preference. Some experts recommend placing your stands where you want them at the end of the season. Again, for this to work, you have to have a location where you are able to keep your stands out year-round, or where you feel safe leaving the stands. So, why at the end of the season? Well, the reasoning behind this makes great sense! The season is still fresh in your mind; you know how and where the deer were moving. Therefore, you know just where to hang your treestand. But, also keep in mind that movement in early season is much different than in late season. So, if this is your only stand, make sure that your stand placement makes sense for your situation. If you are hunting early season, you don’t want your only stand to be in a late season spot.

So, this brings me to the next situation. Is it okay to move stands midseason? While it may not be ideal, yes, it is okay. You will disturb the deer and they may not come back for a couple of days, but they will come back. I can recall many times that I sat in a stand and could see a lot of deer activity just 50 – 60 yards away, but the deer would never come my way. Well, when you are bowhunting, 50 yards can make a big difference. So, yes, I moved my stand midseason, and it paid off! Last season was one of those particular times. I had this one stand in the same location for several seasons. I could always see deer in the distance, but I also usually had a lot of deer walking past me. Yet, last year for some reason, the deer just weren’t coming in. So, I moved the stand about 40 yards from its’ original location, and that was just enough to equal success. Just a few days later, it was from this stand that I shot my 2014 buck.

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So, then what is the answer? Just when is the best time to hang your treestands? Well, there are as many opinions out there as there are treestands. So, the best advice I can give you is to do what works best for your situation! As for me, I will continue to put out any new stands preseason. And, if I have to, I won’t hesitate to move them midseason. Basically, in the end, it is all up to you; only you know your situation! So, get your stands up when you can, and please be safe while doing it!

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