Changes to Public Hunting Access in Southeast Ohio

Do you hunt southeast Ohio, particularly the Athens area? If you do, and you hunt public land, you might want to check out these new changes!

hunting in southeast Ohio


According to the Ohio DNR, the most significant change concerns land owned by American Electric Power (AEP). While this land has been open for public hunting for over 50 years, certain areas have now been either closed to the public, or many now have limited access. The one area that is no longer open is the Avondale Area. Hunters will no longer have access to this location. Areas with limited access include Gavin Wildlife Area and Poston Plant Lands. Even with these changes, AEP still has over 83,000 acres available to hunt. However, in order to access this land, AEP requires you to apply for a free permit. This can be done by sending a request to:

American Electric Power Company,

59 W. Main Street,

McConnelsville, Ohio 43756



Or, you may also apply online at

Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the right to hunt on any land that does not belong to you. You should always carry a written permission slip with you whenever you are hunting on privately owned land. And, unfortunately even access to public land that you have hunted for years can change. So, make sure you know before you go, or you could end up with a hunting violation. And, nobody wants to end up on the wrong side of the law! As always, hunt smart and hunt safe!


If this affects you or you’re just looking for some new places to hunt in the southeast Ohio region, check out the Ohio DNR website at

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