So, you want to take up bow hunting, but you’re not sure about using a compound bow? Maybe you’re not physically capable of shooting the compound, or you’re just not ready. No problem; try out a crossbow!


I realize there is still a lot of controversy over the use of crossbows, but you can’t worry about what everyone else thinks. This is about you!

The ProsĀ of Crossbows

Thanks to crossbows more people than ever are able to bow hunt. They allow people with disabilities, the elderly, and our youth to be able to get outdoors with a bow. Just for that reason alone, people should no longer have an issue with the crossbow.

I confess that I started with a crossbow and then eventually converted over to the compound bow. I love my compound bow now, Bow hunting suspendedand can’t imagine ever going back to a crossbow. However, if for any reason I was no longer able to shoot my compound, I wouldn’t hesitate to go out with a crossbow.

A lot of people think that shooting a crossbow is no different than shooting a gun, and in some ways they may be right. But, believe me there are differences. First, with a crossbow you have to let the deer get close, and that’s what I love most about bow hunting. I love getting up close and personal with the wildlife!! Second, if you are hunting with a gun you can get a second shot off pretty quick. You don’t have that advantage with a crossbow.

Choose What You Prefer

In the long run, it all comes down to what you prefer. You can’t let your decisions be influenced by the opinions of other people. Regardless of what type of bow you shoot, or what brand, all that really matters is that you are getting out there and doing what you love!! So, grab your bow and get out there!!

Let your passion fly!!!!

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