Do You “Hunt Pretty”?

So, you wake up early to go hunting. You take a shower using your scent free soap, shampoo, and conditioner. You put on your base layer of scent free clothes. You are careful not to touch anything that could leave a drop of scent on you. Then, you fix your hair and put on your make up?? You are going to “hunt pretty”!



Well, that’s your choice. But, what was the point of going through the whole scent free process then? You might be able to pull off fixing your hair without using any styling products, and that’s great. If you can do it without mousse, gel, or hairspray, then I’m all for it. That’s not to say I’m going to fix my hair for a hunt, but that’s my choice. I’m more of a simple girl; a ponytail or a hat, and I’m good to go!


As far as the make up goes, though, I advise leaving it off. All make up has scent, and remember deer have very sensitive noses. In fact, a deer has over 800 times more olfactory sensors in their nose than a human does. And, that doesn’t even count the scent glands located in the mouth.  So, knowing that, hold your make up to your nose. Can hunt prettyyou smell anything? I promise you that the deer can smell it! I completely understand wanting to look good! I am a woman, and yes, I like make up. I just don’t feel the need to “hunt pretty”. Looking good sure isn’t going to attract a big buck; if anything, it could scare one off. One whiff, and he could be gone before I even get a chance to see him.

Now with all that said, I will admit that I have gone hunting with my make up on. Don’t get me wrong, I have never put make up on to go hunting! But, there have been times when I decide at the last minute to go on an evening hunt, and I already have make up on. On those rare days, I just grab my camo, and spray myself down really good with scent killing spray, and pray I don’t get busted by the smell!



And, I’ve had that thought, “What if I get a big buck and need to get my picture taken?” I confess, I never like to have my picture taken, and I hate it even more without my make up on! But, let me tell you, if you get a big buck, you won’t care about anything else, especially whether or not you are wearing make up. I hate to tell you ladies, in fact most people probably won’t even be looking at you in the picture; they’re going to be looking at the buck!

Just because you may not look as good as you want to in your field pics, it doesn’t mean you can’t get some great pictures with that trophy! There are 2 basic ways to go about this:

  1.  you can carry a make up bag in your hunting vehicle and apply the make up before taking any field pictures, or
  2.  you can go ahead and get those rugged field pictures and then go back out later with your hair done and your make up on and get the pictures you really want

I always opt for the rugged field pictures. I want to capture the memory as it truly was! Then if I want more pictures, I will find a picturesque location, put on my make up, maybe fix my hair, and then go get some great photos.

And, remember this is Just One Does Opinion. You decide for yourself! And, tell me what you think! Make up or no make up?

Field pic
Field pic

Hunt rugged.

Hunt pretty.


And as always,

Let your passion fly!! 

Make up shot
Make up shot


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