evercalmIf you’ve read my work before, then you know I am all about scent control. So, I love trying all the new products that promise to help you go undetected. And, as much as I love trying these products, I will also confess that it always makes me a little nervous. Deer have incredible noses and if they smell something they don’t like, it’s all over before it even starts!

With that said, let’s get on to my latest product review. Today I want to talk about ConQuest Scents EverCalm. I know a lot of other hunters who have used it and they all gave rave reviews. So, of course, I had to try it out for myself! So, here is ConQuest Scents claim about the particular EverCalm product that I tested:


EverCalm™ Deer Herd In A Stick™ is a collection of buck, doe and fawn bedding area scents and smells. By using this scent, you not only turn your hunting area into a deer bedding area, but calm deer and draw on their natural curiosity of other deer. Our stick formula allows hunters to quickly and quietly place this scent, which is crucial in eliminating any type of additional disturbances to the hunting area. With no spills, leaks or mess, this weather-resistant scent stick is the perfect all-season calming, cover, and attractant scent!


First of all, EverCalm is available in stick, liquid, or stink stick forms. I used the stick form, simply for the reason that I was not even aware that there was a liquid form at the time of my purchase. However, I evercalmevercalmthink I would have still gone with the EverCalm stick. Why, you wonder. Well, simply because I like the ease of use and I feel like the stick scent lasts longer than a liquid does.

Second, EverCalm comes in Deer Herd scent and Rutting Buck scent. The scent I trialed was Deer Herd. And, the only reason I chose this is because it was the only one available at the store I purchased it from. But, again, had I had the option to buy the Rutting Buck, I would have passed on it and still went with the Deer Herd. My reason for that being that I want a scent that I can use all season long. Rutting Buck would be great during the rut, and perhaps next season I will try it out. But for now, I am just going to share my thoughts on EverCalm’s Deer Herd scent stick.

Field Test 

So, the EverCalm Deer Herd stick looks just like stick deodorant. And, I will admit that I was a little skeptical when I purchased it. I mean how can you get the smell of deer in a stick, right? Well, I have to give ConQuest Scents credit, because they definitely did just that! I was truly surprised when I took the lid off. If you’ve ever been up close and personal with a deer, you know exactly what they smell like. I don’t know how they did it, but somehow ConQuest Scents had captured the smell of deer and put it in a stick!

EverCalm Deer Herd definitely fooled my nose, but what about the deer? Could it fool their noses too? I was determined to find out. So, I set out to give it a try. I went through evercalmmy usual scent control steps for getting ready to hunt (shower, scent free clothes, etc.). But, I stopped there. I did not use any other scent products as I wanted this field test to be as authentic as possible.

Before even hitting the woods, I pulled out my EverCalm Deer Herd stick and applied it to the bottom of my boots. I figured there could be no better way to cover my scent while heading to my spot. On my way in I also applied some of the scent stick on an occasional leaf or branch. And, once I reached my hunting spot I applied even more of the scent stick on leaves and branches. I made a scent circle all the way around my tree. Then I settled into my stand and waited to see what would happen.

And, it didn’t take long. Within an hour I had my first visitor. It was a small buck, and he was clueless. He stopped and smelled some of the trees where I had applied the evercalmEverCalm and there was no reaction. He wasn’t startled; in fact, it was just as ConQuest Scents had described. This young buck was calm; he didn’t have a evercalm care in the world. Soon after, 2 more small bucks came in. I now had a small 6, a small 8, and a decent 10 pointer in front of me. To my amazement they even came within 10 yards of me and were not at all alarmed.

Day 2 of my field test I repeated all of the same steps just as I had done the evening before. And, my results were very similar. Again, I had several deer come in; they would all stop and smell the trees that I had applied the EverCalm Deer Herd scent stick to. The EverCalm seemed to do the trick again; the deer remained calm and just hung out with me for a while.  At one point, I even had 2 small bucks spar less than 15 yards from the tree I was sitting in. It made for a very exciting evening!

My Thoughts on EverCalm

I continued with my field tests over the next several evenings with the same results over and over again. ConQuest Scents had definitely lived up to their claims. Deer would come in and smell the EverCalm and relax. They wandered all around me and had absolutely no clue that I was there. So, needless to say, I continue to use the EverCalm Deer Herd scent every time I go out. If you have not tried this product yet, I would recommend that you buy some today. You will be amazed with the results!

If you have already tried EverCalm, I would love to know what you thought! Did you have similar results, or did it fail to live up to the claims? Please share your thoughts below.

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  1. Dennis Matthews


    Ever Calm does not work. The guys who say it works must work for the company. I used Ever Calm in 5 deer hunts. Every time the deer picked up the scent of Ever Calm they spooked and ran off. I stopped using Ever Calm and I started killing deer again. This product is a waste of money (20.00). In truth, this product should be taken off the market.

    • Reply

      Thanks, for sharing your opinion. I love to hear other people’s reviews on products. I’ve definitely heard mixed reviews on EverCalm, which is why I wanted to try it. My experience was much different than yours, however. I guess it’s true, that everything doesn’t always work for everybody. Thanks again for sharing, and happy hunting!!

  2. Andrew Hegmann


    I have used evercalm this season for the first time two weeks ago. To my surprise I had a small buck come right to my stand following the vs1 scent trail I put down and when he got to my stand where I also put evercalm around my stand he got very relaxed and all of a sudden he bedded down right under my stand. He stood there while I took pictures with my phone and eventually I had to get him to move because it was getting dark. I am a true believer and I am also a scent fanatic with my clothes and everything else.

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