Fit Doe- The healthy Huntress

We have all heard Fit is the new skinny. This is true. It is possible to be skinny but not fit. Why is it important to be fit as a hunter/Huntress?

Elevation, packing, hiking, pulling back your bow, and any obstacles that may get in your way!

My why….. I have always felt it important to be fit as I am a mom of active boys. I found that exercise and eating properly not only made me feel less tired throughout my days, but I could also keep up with my kids busy schedule, as well as the kids I teach.

A few years back, I had suffered a few tough injuries. When I shot my last buck I wasn’t able to help my husband pick it up. As a Huntress this made me feel sad.. These are the moments that define you. I am now committed to work through the injuries to build back my strength.

Hunting is not my only passion however. Running (I know I am crazy) and of course, the rest of the exercise shenanigans are a passion to me. Follow Fit Doe for exercise shenanigans as well as healthy meal and snack ideas as we take on Hunting season 2019! I am looking forward to this journey with all of you!

Let’s make 2019 our fittest yet!

Doe and Arrow Huntress


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