Hello and Welcome to Doe & Arrow Hunting!!

Hello to all of my lovely doe friends out there! So, for my first post, I want to know how many of you are bow hunters, and for how long you have been using a bow? You can also share what type of bow you shoot if you’d like to. If you’re not a bow hunter, that’s okay! This site will be full of useful tips for successful whitetail deer hunting, regardless of your weapon of choice.

I have been bow hunting for 15+ years now. I originally started with a crossbow. I will confess I had a fear of shooting a compound. I had seen many bruised forearms from compounds and it scared me a little. Then I thought there’s no way I could ever pull one of those back. I used to see all these macho men sometimes struggling to pull their bows back, so how could I possibly do it? But, I quickly learned you don’t have to pull a 60-70 pound draw weight to shoot a compound bow. In fact, most men probably set their draw weights too high (I’ll go more in depth on draw weight in a later post). I started with a really low draw weight (probably only 20 pounds) just to get comfortable with a compound bow and to get over my fear. I have been using a compound for 6 years now, and I love it!! And, I to date have never had a bruised forearm (it’s all in the form). Since falling in love with my compound, I haven’t hunted with anything else. It has truly become my passion and I hope I will be doing it for a long time!

Let your passion fly!!!



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