Hi. My name is Kari Singleton, and I am the founder of Doe & Arrow Hunting. I started this page in 2014. I wanted a way to combine my passions for whitetail deer hunting, educating, and writing. So, what could be better than a blog! Okay, a little about myself…I am very happily married and I have 3 grown children, as well as 5 grandchildren. I work full-time as a respiratory therapist and I love what I do! But, without a doubt my greatest passion is for hunting. But, how did I get into hunting? You might be surprised to learn that I did not grow up in a hunting family. And, at one point, I was even one of those people who thought hunting was cruel. I never imagined it was anything I could ever do! Then there came a time when my boys wanted to go hunting. Their father hunted but didn’t always want to take them along, so out of the love for my children, I put my feelings aside and I took them. Much to my surprise, I fell in love with hunting. It wasn’t about killing anything, it was the experience as a whole. I think seeing it all through the eyes of my children had the greatest impact on me. And in reality, I was very much like a child at the time; everything was new and exciting. And, I was definitely a student of my surroundings. Since that time many, many years ago my love for hunting has continued to grow. For the most part, I am self-taught; though, I do give a lot of credit to my husband, Phil, as he has helped me to grow into a much stronger hunter. So now, what I once imagined that I could never do, I now can’t imagine ever not doing.


Hi everyone ~ My name is Jessica Portenier I am 34 married to an amazing man and we have two outdoor kids that we are trying to raise up to be the next outdoor generation. I was born and raised in Idaho up until the last 7 years. I am a loggers daughter and a Lineman’s wife. When my mom was pregnant with me it didn’t stop her from riding horses and hunting. We have always been a family that hunts together and we are trying to pass that on to our kids. We currently live in western/southern Oregon where we are learning new territory. I love Jesus, my family, and my horses. We fish, go four wheeling, camping, and hunting together. We traveled for 6 years while my husband completed his apprenticeship with the Cal/Nev JATC and till we found a place we could settle down. I have always had a love for the outdoors and hunting with God’s grace and blessings we hope to continue the tradition.

Hey all, My name is Brandy. I’m a small town Colorado girl that loves the great outdoors. I have been hunting, fishing, and camping as long as I can remember. I am married to my Highschool sweetheart and we have 2 teenage boys that we have also shared our outdoor passions with! When I’m not enjoying the great outdoors, you can find me in my classroom teaching elementary art class.


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