When I first started Doe & Arrow Hunting, I had a purpose. I was on a mission. Then somehow, it all went astray. I’ve even completely given up on the writing thing a few times. But, I’ve decided 2018 is going to be the year that I set out to accomplish what I started! So, it’s time to get back on track; time to get back to doing what I love….writing and educating. And, most of all it’s time to bring my mission to light!

Okay, so I know you’re wondering what this mission is. And, I also know some of you may not like it, but here it is, “The mission of Doe & Arrow Hunting is to bring true respect and pride to the female hunting world”. Let’s start by taking a look at the first part of that mission, the respect part. Why do I say some people won’t like that? Well, simple, I have posted my opinions on social media before on how I feel about women posing in their bikinis, daisy dukes, or even less with their trophy deer or other kills, and my opinion has not always been popular. What’s even more amazing is the fact that I get far more resistance on my dislike of these types of pics from women than I do from men. It is the women that I find defending these posts and pictures, and the men saying they agree that the pictures have nothing to do with hunting. I truly struggle to understand this.

At the same time that I see women defending the scantily clad pictures, I also hear them saying they don’t feel like they are taken serious as hunters. Well ladies, I’m here to tell you, you can’t have it both ways. Pose in your bikini with your trophy buck, nobody is going to think you are a hunter (huntress). In fact, they probably won’t think you killed it at all. What do you want to be noticed for? Your body? Or, your skills as a hunter? It’s your choice, and yes, it’s your body. So, if you choose to pose that way with your trophy, don’t complain that people don’t take you seriously. And, keep in mind, your decision also effects every other female hunter out there trying to be taken seriously.

Before moving on to the next part of my mission, let’s talk about all of those big “photo contests” out there. These are supposed to be hunting related, but the majority of the entries turn out to be scantily clad women posing with ARs or other weapons. I have seen topless women, string bikinis, and other pictures that I find to be extremely distasteful and definitely not hunting related. I mean, when is the last time you went out and sat in your treestand in your bikini? That’s what I thought, never. Right? And, what disgusts me even more is that these contests allow half naked women and young girls to compete in the same contest. Absolutely everything about these so-called contests anger me! You want to be taken serious as a hunter, this is not the way to do it. And, we as female hunters, need to stop supporting not only the contests, but the companies and organizations that put them on!

Enough about that for now. What about the second part of my mission? I want to talk about pride for a minute. So, why pride? Here is my issue with this topic. I see women complaining about being called a huntress, and an extreme offense to any pink on anything to do with hunting. I see it to the point that women trash other women over wearing or using pink. Well, guess what? Using pink does not make you less of a hunter (huntress). Why is it okay for men to have different colored arrows or to mix in their favorite color? It should be no different for women. Personally, I’m not trying to be a man; I am proud to be a woman, and yes, I have some pink on my bow and my arrows. I even have pink in some of my camo. Does that make me less of a hunter? I don’t think so. So, ladies, wear your pink or purple or whatever your favorite color is, and do it with pride. Don’t let anyone knock you down because you like pink.

Now, let’s talk about the word huntress. Is it really that horrible? Again, I don’t understand why so many women find this offensive. You are called miss or misses; you are not called a mister. We have waitresses, stewardesses; we now call them mail carriers, not mailmen. There is nothing wrong with being called a huntress. Be proud of who you are; you are a female hunter, you are a huntress! It is not meant to be demeaning. It is meant to let the world know that you are a lady that hunts. I am perfectly fine being called a hunter or a huntress. It is not something I had ever really put a lot of thought into until I read an article about how much female hunters hated the word. Let’s get passed it. Let’s wear the title “huntress” with pride!

So, there you have it. My mission, respect and pride. It is time to change how everybody sees the female hunter. And, it starts with us, the huntresses, the ones who want to be taken seriously, the ones who are not afraid of the color pink, the ones who are proud! Let’s take the hunting world by storm and make this our mission, not just mine! Now get out there, put on your pink camo, and wear the huntress title with pride!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my mission. I want to hear from men and women. Do you agree? Disagree? Tell me what you think!

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