The Predatory Nature of Coyotes


This is a guest post from Alina at Foremost Coyote Hunter


Coyotes are an interesting breed of animals that have become quite the predator. Most people in the US are not aware of what dangers these animals possess to livestocks. The fact that they are smart makes them quite dangerous. Not only that, but the pack tends to travel together and look out for one another which makes them very lethal.


What makes coyotes exceptional predators?


Well, if you live in the US then you have probably heard about mountain lions and wolves being a great threat to livestocks. That might have been the case a few decades ago but today coyotes outnumber them. Coyotes are one of the most clever predators you will come across. They plan their kill, they access the situation and plan accordingly. Which makes it tough to catch them. They also adapt well to situation and time. Which ensures them survival.


Both wolves and mountain lions are much bigger than coyotes. However, their population is on the downside whereas coyotes population is on the rise even with hunting being allowed. It’s the cleverness and ability to adapt that helps it survive. Coyotes also reproduce more often than other predators which have led to a rise in their population in the US. They look out for one another, the cooperation between the pack is one you don’t find too often. The sister from the litter stays back and protects the new litter once they are born. This provides them nurture and helps them develop and mature much faster.


The fact that coyotes don’t have a lot of enemies in the wild helps them survive. They are more vulnerable as pups, horned owls tend to hunt the pups but the pack’s protection usually saves them.


Coyotes have a catch and kill mentality. If they find a prey, they will be sure to kill it. This mentality makes them natural born killers. They have become a huge threat to livestocks nationwide.


Stopping coyotes isn’t easy. If you truly want to stop them, then you must look to hunt them down. If you just shoot without the intention of killing it then it will easily escape and come back again to hunt, but only more prepared. States that have a rising population of coyotes which is becoming threatening have made it okay to hunt them down. Many even have specified grounds where you can hunt them.


Hunting coyotes is not an easy task. Since they are clever, you need to plan properly when you look to hunt them down. Being predators, they are familiar with tactics which helps them evade traps that aren’t well planned. You need to set a proper trap and lure them with coyote calls. Only then will you be able to hunt it down. If you go unprepared, you might as well forget it because you will just be wasting your time.

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