Prostaff: What Does It Mean?

The Meaning

PROSTAFF. There seems to be some confusion as to what this word really means. Is a person who’s on a hunting prostaff a superior hunter? Maybe they have amazing shooting skills, or perhaps they have some magnificent trophies hanging on their wall. I mean there must be something spectacular about them if they are prostaff. Right?

Well, there is no simple answer to that. In some cases, it may actually hold true, but for the most part it’s just not the case. So, just what does prostaff mean then? Well, let’s look at the first three letters of the word, since this is where the confusion comes in. P-R-O. Three letters that have different meanings to different people. And, three letters that could truly hold different meanings.

First up, meaning number one. PROFESSIONAL. Yep, many people believe the pro in prostaff stands for professional.  They think the people on these prostaffs must be exceptional hunters and that they had to prove themselves in order to get put on a “professional staff”. There is often a misconception that these staffers travel the world and hunt for a living.  It is this meaning of prostaff that has made it a dream for so many.

Now, meaning number two. PROMOTIONAL. So, for the most part this is the true meaning of the pro in prostaff. People were originally added to staffs in order to promote products, companies, or organizations. This is still the primary purpose of a prostaff. With that said, some staffs are easier to get on than others. Some require an application be submitted, while others might be as simple as who you know. However, no matter how you get on the prostaff, you will be required to promote the product, company, or organization according to their rules and regulations.

Now, let’s look at one more point or meaning. The pro in prostaff can actually stand for both, professional and promotional. Furthermore, it can even mean both for the same company or organization. How is that? Simple, a company or organization can want someone that they deem as professional to promote them or their products.

Is Prostaffing Right For You

Okay, I hope that clears things up a little better. Now, there’s only one more question. Is prostaffing right for you? That all depends. First thing to consider is whether or not you believe in the company, product, or organization you will be representing. Personally, I cannot represent something I don’t believe in. However, I know of other individuals who jump from staff to staff. They may represent one camo company one week and a totally different one a week later. This isn’t to say that what they are doing is wrong; they may have a legitimate reason for switching. It is when you see a pattern of the constant staff jumping that you can’t help but to wonder. For some, it is so important to be on a staff that they don’t care who or what they represent; they just want the title behind their name. So, my question is this, “Are you willing to sell out just to represent something you don’t believe in, or even worse, mislead others into buying something that doesn’t work or live up to its claims?”

Second, are you able to commit to the requirements? These may be simply sharing posts on your social media pages, as well as liking the company/organization posts. But it can be more. You may be required to make purchases or pay fees. Make sure you read the fine print and consider all aspects of the prostaff requirements before jumpi

Follow Your Dreams

P-R-O.  Three letters that create confusion and conjure up dreams of being something so much more. Whether you think of it as professional staff or promotional staff, you will be promoting something. It’s up to you what to do with the opportunity. Dreams can come true if you are willing to put in the work.

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