Recipe For Hunting Buddies

Are you looking for the perfect hunting buddy? Or, maybe you’ve already found them. Either way, here are a few of the qualities we think are essential for that perfect relationship:


Being a good sportsman or sportswoman is a key ingredient. Keeps you both safe, and responsible.


The more you and your buddy learn, practice and share together the better. Whether your buddy is your spouse, friend, relative, or strictly a hunting partner. Knowledge is one of the most important tools in the outdoors. Learning territories, boundaries, property lines, mountains, creeks, and the layout where you guys and gals are hunting is key. Knowledge on map reading, survival skills, first aid, tracks, rules, regulations, animal diseases, reading animal scat, having a sense of direction, field dressing, all of it is extremely important to know and share with one another.


Honesty is important with your hunting buddy. Bad shot, good shot, unsure where you hit? Almost out of snacks and water? In an emergency situation it’s good to know what each other has for portions and for preparation. Get separated and staying the night in the woods? It’s good to know how long you or your hunting buddy can stay in the woods till you can reconnect. If your boots or pack is uncomfortable. It’s okay to tell your buddy that you need to adjust or need a break.


You need a buddy you can count on. Especially if they are the one picking you up after you two split on a hunt. Being reliable is also important when it comes to leaving and returning from a hunt.

  1. HUMOR

Why is humor the perfect ingredient? Because all great relationships have to have laughter. Laughing during and after a hunt just cements those long term memories in. Sometimes we all just need a good laugh even after a crummy hunt.


Willingness to practice, practice, practice. Willingness to scout and test out gear. Clean and maintain their bow and rifles. Willingness to try something new, explore a new location, or hunt a different kind of animal. Willingness to sharpen their skills a “teach an old dog new tricks” kind of willingness.


Determined to work hard, hunt hard and have a drive to be successful. Being successful doesn’t necessarily mean tagged out. Sometimes a successful hunt is determined by what you learned.


Not everyone has the physical health to do a back country, hike in 5 day hunting trip. Many hunters hunt in stands, blinds or day trips. This does not mean that they are not in shape or healthy. There are different styles of hunting and hunting terrain for each state and or country. With that being said your overall health is a factor in being a hunting buddy. Sometimes for example if your aging parent is your hunting partner your health is even more important so you can assist them. If you are more of a back country hunter you need to maintain a certain strength, stamina, and endurance. When you are making new hunting buddies you need to find a common ground and work from there. You can help each other reach new health goals before your next hunting season.

Most important is to have fun and make new memories.

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