Scent control is a hot topic in the hunting world. And, it’s definitely something I take serious. I am surprised though by how many people still don’t believe it is necessary. It is a choice, just as your type of weapon, ammunition, and camo are all choices. I’m not here to push my beliefs on anybody. All I can say is that the science is there to prove it. So, whether you choose to use scent control products or not is totally up to you!

Why is it so important? Simple, a deer’s nose is 500 to 1,000 times stronger than a human’s. Not only is their sense of smell stronger, they are also able to sort at least 6 different scents at one time. Okay, so you think you don’t smell, right? You have an odor; I promise. However, you most likely can’t smell it, but chances are you’ve noticed someone else’s odor before. Everyone has a scent and with such a powerful nose, I guarantee you the deer can detect your presence with just one whiff!

Alright enough on the reasons why you should use scent control, let’s talk about all those products! How do you know what to choose? And what about all the wording? Scent control, scent eliminating, scent cover. Is there any difference? Well, basically scent control and scent eliminating aim to do the same thing, and these two terms are often interchangeable. The goal is to get rid of human scent. Cover scent, on the other hand, aims to do just what is says, which is to cover up your smell. Cover scents usually have some sort of fragrance, while scent control or elimination products are scent-free.

Scent control/elimination products come in a wide variety. You can get shampoo, conditioner, body wash/soap, deodorant, lotion, lip balm, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and the ever popular spray. I’m sure I didn’t cover everything, but it gives you a pretty good idea of what all is out there. All of these products are self-explanatory. Many hunters, though, are not aware that the sprays are not meant to be used on human skin. Elimishield, however, has released the first ever FDA-compliant direct to skin scent eliminator.

Another thing to point out when it comes to the scent control and elimination products, is terminology. Don’t let fancy words fool you. Encapsulating and binding seem to be popular terms right now, and again these are fairly interchangeable. These products generally claim to work by breaking down enzymes and binding with or encapsulating them to eliminate odor. Other key words to look for include enzymes, anti-microbial, and now silver is even popping up in scent control products.

Okay, now let’s talk cover scents. Hunters have long been using fresh earth scented products, deer urine, coon urine, and other animal based urine scents. And, these are fine. Just remember, make sure you are using a product that is native to your area. You wouldn’t want to use pine scented cover scents if pines are not native to the area you are hunting. Nor would you use acorn scents in a pine forest. Now, let’s take it a little farther and bring in receptor overload products. These are products that are designed to overwhelm the deer’s nose, and they also seem to be growing in popularity.  Luckily with cover scents, terminology doesn’t seem to be a major problem. Just look for what works in the area you are hunting. And, if in doubt, just grab you some fresh earth scents.

And, now it seems we have a new category. Yes, we now have products that claim to do both. They eliminate or control human scent and also have a touch of scent cover mixed in. I personally have never tried any of these products yet, but just may have to put them to the test!

Now, this does not cover all forms of scent control and scent elimination. There are also scent control clothes, bags, and other products. We will take a look at these in an upcoming article. I am going to close with a list of the ATA’s top new scent control and cover spray products of 2018, followed by my favorite product.













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So, what are your thoughts on scent control? Are you a believer? And, what are your favorite products? We want to know what you think! Comment below or contact us at

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