Senseless Poaching of Black Bears: Father and Son Duo Busted

Another senseless poaching. Another case that leaves one asking, “Does the punishment fit the crime?”. Maybe I just expect too much; I don’t know. But somehow, I’m never quite satisfied with the punishment. Sadly, this is another case that involves a father and son. It’s a story about a father passing on his traditions, morals

Are You A Bow Hunting “Dufuss”? Anger & Outrage Over One Man’s Opinion

  I recently read a post about bow hunting from a forum, and it really got my attention! I’ll admit when I first read this post it made me angry. It seemed to be, in every way possible, putting down the overwhelming majority of deer bow hunters. I will confess it took me a while

Ohio Fails to Raise Nonresident Hunting Prices

Nonresident Hunting Price Comparisons In the latest Ohio hunting news, Ohio fails for a second time in trying to pass legislature that would raise the rates for nonresident hunting licenses and tags. Compared to other big deer hunting states, Ohio is one of the cheapest for nonresidents. The cost of a nonresident hunting license in